Asif Khan

Xiringuito Liverpool

A disused warehouse in The Cains Brewery, Liverpool is the location of the second Xiringuito during Winter 2016-7.

Xiringuito is a moveable restaurant for Conor Sheehan and Jackson Berg that can be packed up and moved onto new town each season. The design needed to be easily put up, using a minimal amount of material. We used repeated tent-like triangular shapes that could be connected and run out in a curve, a circle or a straight line.

Part of what makes this restaurant special is that it appears where you least expect it to be. As the context changes, it too changes to suit it.

We realised if we made the whole restaurant with scaffolding we could use the local scaffolder in whichever town it went to, borrowing from their inventory, and then returning the structure after use. This enables the client to capture and invest in local know-how and is the the same concept for the supporting restaurant staff.  In a way, it belongs to each place it visits.